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Sunday self care (7)

This. So much this!

Sometimes the process is so hard, draining, not enjoyable that this idea seems impossible. But the more I say it aloud, the more it resonates. There is power when you own the hard. When you believe the process will change you. When those tough moments soften a sharp edge or teach you a new way to view yourself and this life.

Everyday I want to fall more in love with who I’m becoming, owning that this is a process, a work in progress daily is a part of that. Everyday we get to wake up and choose our thoughts. Everyday is a new opportunity for growth.

How do you see the journey? Your own journey to being the best you? Repeat this phrase above. Fall in Love with your own path. With the you you were, are and who you’re becoming… It’s such a beautiful life.

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Friday’s word (26)

Another Friday is upon us.  The last day of November.  Another year quickly coming to a close.  I am surprised how fast this year has gone.  Perhaps when you change your life in drastic ways that everything is almost unrecognizable; the year moves faster than usual.

I love this word I found today.  I am often torn between my love of the mountains and my love of the ocean.  But thought this word sounded cool and described many I know.  There is something about sitting on a beach, in the sand, watching the waves roll in and out, the wind  blowing (at least on the beaches in the PNW) that brings a tranquility not found anywhere else.  The ocean reminds us how small we are.  And for me how great and powerful things can be.  The sea is a mighty force that can be beautiful and ferocious.   Like each one of us in this life.

Are you a thalassophile?  Get out and enjoy the sea!



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I posted recently about the all changes in my world… Have another one to announce. As of November 20, we have a new family member… Our just about 1yr old lab mix puppy!

Meet Montana!

One of the most amazing things to me in this past year is how much different my life looks and feels. When I read posts from a year ago I can see the growth. I can see the joy is back. Choosing to pursue healthy relationships, making the decision to work on me and accept where I was, being deliberate with my choices and activities, all paved the path to changing my life.

When we pursue finding our best selves, it’s incredible to see what shows up. This month of Thanksgiving reminds me to be grateful every day for this life.

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Friday’s word (25)

As I started my day this morning I was aware of how content I am in this season. How much I am enjoying the new changes in my life. How all the work I put in to become healthy has paid off. Knowing yourself, knowing it’s ok to take care of yourself, even as a mother or wife or partner… Is vital to becoming the best you, you can be.

This word I stumbled upon seemed a good fit for today’s state of mind. Know that the work you put into yourself pays off. Improvement leads to a better life and more happiness.

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Sunday self care (5)

Today is Veterans day here in the US. We honor those who have served to protect and defend our nation and it’s people. I’m so grateful to live in a country where I’m free to make my own choices and live the life I chose. We are so used to having our freedoms we don’t often think enough about the sacrifices made to obtain and keep them. Today we do. Flags go up, cemeteries are visited and decorated and we thank our veterans.

As I’m getting to enjoy a weekend with daughter at college, I wasn’t thinking much about this. But because of others sacrifices, I was able to drive my own car, 5 hours away from home, by myself, eat where I choose, walk around the park, enjoy a lovely afternoon and evening… At complete peace about my safety.

To all those who don’t have this luxury and it should be a right but I acknowledge it isn’t for some… May you continue to find ways to be free. May you continue to seek personal ways to find that peace within yourself. I hope all those who don’t have these same “freedoms”, keep pushing and fighting for them.

Today I honor all veterans and remember my freedoms are due to their sacrifices.

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Friday’s Word (24)

I love learning. I am constantly reading and exploring new thoughts and ideas. Posting vocabulary words is a fun thing for me. Sometimes I learn a new word, in a new language or sometimes I am reminded of a word I like.

Enjoy today’s. And maybe get lost in your own daydream. Use it to fuel you to live a life of your dreams.