An end and a beginning

When I began this blog it was to sort through emotions from a breakup and share what I learned about NPD. As the years have passed I’ve been through many changes and it seemed appropriate to share this major change. I got married! In a culmination of all I’ve learned and experienced it’s time to... Continue Reading →

I’ve always been a dreamer

Do you know this line? Props to you if you can drop the title and artist below. I am one of those people that is often found chasing a new thing. Listening to so many different podcasts you are not sure what I am passionate about. Reading all different genre of books and blogs. I... Continue Reading →

A change is a coming.

Check out this quick video. New things are happening in the world these days and Wordy Chick is part of those changes. As I'm entering into a new stage of life it seems the right time to make blog changes as well. So look for a new look, new topics and just an all around... Continue Reading →

Tuesday thoughts

Thinking about thankfulness this morning. These are the quotes I'm focusing on today: Do you have a gratitude practice? If not, I challenge you to start. I've found it to be the single most important thing I do to set my mind and heart to living my best life. How we behave each day is... Continue Reading →

This post is still valid today! Over a year later! Stuck at home? Quarantined? 6 things you can still do to practice self care.

It's a strange time we're living in right now. Most everyone I know would agree we've not lived through moments like this before. We don't have experience in lock downs and stay at home orders. We aren't used to seeing folks in masks at the grocery store. Or viewing empty shelves and lines just to... Continue Reading →

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